Dear Sir/Madam,


My name is Philip Blackburn and I am a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. I have across the previous two decades specialised in serious fraud and large criminal cases.


In 2018 I was instructed in a very serious and high profile matter that attracted international press attention and further was the subject of a documentary by the BBC current affairs programme, Panorama. I was instructed by a Polish national who had an extremely limited understanding of the English language, whether written, or spoken. It was apparent from the outset that a very major part of managing the case properly would be to secure the services of a high calibre interpreter and translator. It was my very good fortune, and good fortune for my client, that I located Iwona Wright who carried out interpretation and translation across many hours and days on a very serious and complex legal matter. What is more, my client suffered with alcoholism, and so the project was made even more demanding.


The case only properly concluded very recently and I have therefore known Iwona Wright for around 20 months.


During this time I can say the following with regard to Iwona:


  • Iwona is extremely capable and able of working in the most difficult, challenging and high profile legal assignments. The outline of the case I have provided above demonstrates this entirely;


  • Iwona provided interpretation in all settings, including the home of my client and at court in the presence of very senior counsel. On the occasions when my client was intoxicated Iwona adapted to the circumstances, and her strong interpersonal skills made a potentially difficult assignment, a lot easier than it might otherwise have been. My client expressed to me on countless occasions his gratitude for the high level of service provided by Iwona. In addition to first class interpretation, Iwona translated several thousand words, often at short notice and working under pressure, and Iwona’s work product was subsequently introduced to court proceedings. Her work was never brought into question, and this must be to her credit because the Crown retained numerous interpreters who would have undoubtedly reviewed Iwona’s work product and not hesitated to raise any issues had there been any. Not a single issue was raised at any point;


  • Iwona is a consummate professional. She has a dedicated sense of duty to carrying out all work to a very high standard. She is punctual, professional and clearly has a very strong sense of integrity that underpins all that she does.


In short, I wholly commend Iwona as a first class interpreter and translator. Her character and personality mean that her professional skills are complemented by somebody who is a very fine individual to work with professionally.


I am happy to be contacted should clarification be required.


Yours sincerely


Phil Blackburn, Cobleys Solicitors Ltd



31 maja 2020


+44 0753 449 7870